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Healthcare Simulation allows you to load, save, run, create and modify various Simulation Models by Dynamic Applications, centered around the topic of Home, Family, Health, Virus Infections, and healthy food creation. The built-in Formula System allows to define any number of Input Parameters and Target Formula. All calculations are fully Transparent through interactive ToolTips, explaining all Formula in live calculation. With every Input Parameter, there is a small Mode selector where you can estimate its development over time. Here you can raise up, lower, and square values, define interest rates, or saturation, trending, or Bell curves. Apply as many Input Value developments in time and see the Statistical Median Assumption of all your expectations, instantly and precisely. This way, Dynamic Applications allow you to quickly and interactively check all options of a given scenario. Dynamic Applications are traditional Desktop Clients that are collecting or gathering no data at all. Full Privacy Protection - no data gathering, no Adware, no Server, no Server behind you. So that you can plan secretly and don't have to worry. Switch off your Wifi and check that out. Finally, Dynamic Applications are also Participative. Customer driven Development. Two user votings on Twitter allow you to check out further Simulation ideas, as well as Features for the Product's underlying Platform Roadmap. All in all, Healthcare Simulations is a reliable product that features interesting Simulations that are fully functional to load, save, run, operate and modify even in the free version. A few advanced features are reserved though for Small Business Developments, their Professional Business Model Development Environment. Since everything provided is free of charge, you can plan your new life secretly on a do-it-yourself basis, and never have to worry.

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Win2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64

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Last versions of Healthcare Simulations
Version Change log
Healthcare Simulations 5.48 Jul 12, 2020 v5.48 - small update to dna license and AGB, Terms and Conditions from 2020.
v5.48 - long-term reduction of Freeware Setup.exe Download size to around 4 MByte.
v5.48 - New MS Office Folder replaces Word, Excel and PDF document folders (Pro Version).
Healthcare Simulations 5.42 May 28, 2020 v5.42 - DetailInputPanel shows up only when selecting new mode.
v5.42 - improved overall Performance and Error handling of Formula Equation Solver.
v5.42 - improved auto-insert of Input and Target keynames in Formula Editor.
v5.42 - fixed handling of '*' for non-builtin Simulation Model Titles.
Healthcare Simulations 5.36 May 12, 2020 v5.32 - initial version of the Healthcare Simulations product.
v5.32 - greatly improved Inline Formula Editor System.
v5.32 - reduced number of license reminders (Popups) in Freeware version.
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