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Reprise Assistant

Version: 1.12.11 | Size: 116.00 MB | Filename: InstallRepriseAssistant_1.12.11.zip
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Developer's description:

Reprise Assistant - a program for simulating and automating user actions in the system. Application area: - automation of repetitive actions (filling out forms, sending mail); - automatic testing programs; - distribution of letters and messages; - Simulation of user behavior. Main functions: - recording of actions (mouse and keyboard) with the possibility of subsequent repeated reproduction; - editing the algorithm of actions that does not require knowledge and skills in the field of programming; - saving and loading of algorithms; - add custom commands (sequences of actions that are started by pressing the specified keys or in the program with one click). Many computer users face situations when they have to perform the same action many times: fill out a form on the website, print a report, send an e-mail, etc.

Each of these actions involves the active use of the keyboard and mouse: a set of characters, clicks, drag-and-drop. But what if the computer performs these actions for the user? This would save a large amount of time and free it for more useful things. Attention! The demo version implements all the functions of the full version of the program, except for the ability to save documents. This means that after restarting the program, all information stored in it will be lost. Purchasing a license entitles you to all program updates and technical support for one year. After that, you can either renew the license or use the old version without restrictions.

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116.00 MB

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Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Reprise Assistant
Version Change log
Reprise Assistant 1.12.11 May 7, 2021
Reprise Assistant 1.12.10 May 4, 2021
Reprise Assistant 1.12.9 Apr 29, 2021
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