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si.Mail is a freeware e-mail client written in Delphi. With HTML message editing viewing capability (html is filtred to remove Java script, VB script, before sending to html renderer), POP3, SMTP with and without authentication, si.Mail provides you the most important features of an e-mail client in a very small package.


* Published under GPL (you don’t have to pay for it if you are using it, full source code availability),
* Localization,
* Html message view,
* MAPI, e-mail aliases support
* Control downloading of images, executing scripts, using ActiveX contros in html messages,
* Theme support,
* POP3, SMTP, SMTP AUTH, IMAP*, NTLM support for both POP3 and SMTP(yahoo, hotmail,…)* access through plug-ins,
* Multiple account support,
* Preview mail on Server,
* Automatic attachment compression,
* Colorize possible dangerous extensions,
* Remove of dangerous html tags before putting message to html viewer,
* Multiple profile support under one Windows account(profile),
* Plug-in support for importing and exporting of messages and address book,
* Use anti-virus application to verify attached files before open/save
* SSL & TSL connection,…
* Use plug-ins and view / print attached files directly from si.Mail
* store attachments in separate folder, so messages file can be smaller up to 33%
* advanced message search
* advanced pre-download, after-download and after-send filters
* RSS, Atom feeds support
* Minimize to system tray
* Portable, just copy full si.Mail folder to USB stick and go with your messages anywhere
* Automatic message classification (read description above) (can be disabled to lower memory consumption and make interface simpler)
* Calendar and task management supported (can be disabled to lower memory consumption and make interface simpler)
* + a lot more, you can see some features with screenshots and description here

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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Version Change log
si.Mail Dec 25, 2008 · Advanced auto configuration feature I was talking about in September of 2008. It is mostly working and it takes under two seconds to configure. Adding a little teaser.
· To Do list management, which is in planing stages.
· I also had to implement a breaking change for Profiles folder. This change will effect only users who have si.Mail installed in Program Files folder. This is a result of more and more users using Vista, and Vista completely forbidding to write anything inside Program Files. So now if si.Mail is installed inside Program Files, Profiles are located in si.Mail folder inside your Documents folder e.g by Vista defaults C:UsersDocumentssi.Mail. Below is the error message you get.
si.Mail no longer supports having Profiles in sub folder when run from Program Files. Here is what you can do:
· * You can force old behavior by creating an empty file named ‘profiles.force’ inside ‘C:Program Files (x86)si.Mail’.
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