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Version: 15.02 | Size: 7.70 MB | Filename: SprutCAM15Setup.exe
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Developer's description:

SprutCAM provides users with professional solutions for NC programming of CNC machines, with the possibility to generate toolpathes, simulation for machine tools and their postprocessing from lathes, wire cutting machines (EDM) Laser or water jet, milling machines up to 5 axis including MTM, MCM, HSM and robots.

SprutCAM comprises a powerful machining simulation module, allowing to simulate the processing on any machine-tool, preliminarily generated on the basis of its kinematic scheme and solid model. The possibility of machining simulation allows to optimize the processing technology according to criteria of labour intensity, tool life time, safety of the equipment and others. In the process of simulation the user checks visually the whole process of the part machining taking into account the motions of all the executive and subsidiary devices of the machine. Moreover, the system automatically marks the program blocks, where collisions or inadmissible cutting conditions are detected. SprutCAM delivery package comprises a set of machine-tools, including practically all types of metal-cutting equipment (more than 50 kinematic schemes).

When generating the part processing technology SprutCAM takes into consideration the kinematic scheme of the machine-tool. As a result it is possible to build up control programs for the machines of various configuration, and the calculated tool motions do not require the further modification to take into account some specific features of the machine.

In case a machine has one of the standard schemes, and there is no need to take account of the mutual motion of the machine units, then the tool path is calculated for the appropriate abstract scheme of the machine without a detailed description of units and their relative position.

During program designing the commands are generated not only for the main steering axles, but for the additional axles as well, for example, such as steady pallet, back poppet, rotation axis brake, etc.

Tools of different types may unite into the tool libraries or local «tool boxes», which may be associated with the corresponding machines. It is possible to use manufacturer tool libraries or formed only from the applied tools, grouped according to some technologist preferred characteristics.

Depending on the equipment chosen the system activates only those types of machining, which can be performed on the specified equipment. Default operation parameters are also brought to conformity with the equipment selected.

SprutCAM 15 highlights:

New experimental parametric 3D CAD
New .NET postprocessor generator
New fixtures
Multi-parts projects: thombstone machining, in process workpiece (IPW)
New MTM workflow
MachineMaker 2.0 for robots
Axis map for 5-axis machines
New Adaptive lathe operation
Turning and other improvements in G-code based operation
Power option and offset pass in cladding
Barrel mills and other improvements in tools
Check holder function in the Rotary roughing operation and more!

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7.70 MB

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of SprutCAM
Version Change log
SprutCAM 15.02 Jun 3, 2021 Major updates:
Multi-parts projects/Tombstone machining:
Added the possibility to machine the several parts in one project. Part is defined in the project as the special group of operations. All operations inside the group a working over one part. Every part can be placed separately and can have its own origin. Added the special mode for the reordering of the machining sequence to minimize the tool changes. Read details here.
Part copies:
Added the possibility to make the copy of the part. The part copy contains the copies of operations of the prototype part. There is the possibility to output the copies machining as the subroutine calls.
Setup stages:
Setup stage is the special group of operation to machine the once placed part(s). If you need the manual part refixture you need to create another setup stage. A new setup stage contains all the same parts that the previous stage contains.
SprutCAM May 4, 2021 What’s new
Updated thread tables for turning operations
Added option for parallel strategies: Machining order
Updated thread tables for turning operations:
SprutCAM has operations for turning external and internal threads. In order not to fill in the parameters each time, thread libraries are connected to these operations. In this release, we have updated the libraries.
Libraries are:
Compression HKT threads — Pump threads. PUMP AND COMPRESSOR PIPES GOST 633-80
Cylindrical pipe thread — CYLINDRICAL PIPE THREAD – for B-class (external – external and internal – internal) GOST 6357-8
ISO metric screw thread — Metric thread. GOST 16093-81 presents the main tolerance fields 6g/6H.
Option for parallel strategy: Machining order:
Added an option for machining order for a parallel strategy.
If you are using this strategy for a finishing pass, you must select either Direct or Reverse machining order. Then there will be no different marks from the cutter on the surface.
SprutCAM Jan 27, 2021 Fixed bugs in Plasma cutting operation
Fixed bugs in the Collision avoidance function
Fixed bugs in operations based on NC code
Fixed bugs in 5D contour operation
Fixed bugs in 5D surface operation
Fixed bugs in 2D contour operation
Fixed bugs in 2.5D contour operation
Fixed bugs in 3D Surfacing operation
Fixed bugs in the Finish waterline operation
Improved chamfering operation: added plunge feed
Improved simulation of turning operations
Improved Generating tool list window: now it can be scaled
Improved import of models from SolidWorks
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