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Advanced Trigonometry Calculator download

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator

Version: 2.1.1 | Size: 2.80 MB
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Developer's description:

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator is a rock-solid calculator allowing you perform advanced complex math calculations.
Enter your complex math expression on its integrity and in the final press “Enter” button, after some instants the solution for your expression will be displayed.
Anyone can use this calculator since the syntax used is very similar with scientific handheld calculators, e.g. TI 84-Plus.

Resolution of calculations in mass, smart processing of text files (.txt)
Various mathematical functions
Various functions to help the application use
Resolution of complex expressions
Multi numerical systems response with scientific notation in binary, octal and hexadecimal
Entering different numerical systems value in the same expression
Variables creation to perform easily complex calculations
SI measurement prefixes response
Show current time
Show current calendar and calendar specific
Easy use of previous results
Use of “space” key freely
User configurations
Arithmetic operations between previous and current expression
Constants "e" and "pi"
Parentheses system processing
Calculations mode and hability to force mode for trigonometric functions
High capacity of verification of data entered
Validation of variables, including renaming if needed
Entering values in SI prefixes, abstaining of the use of powers of 10
Introduction of multiple expressions
Determiner of day of week with date adjustment algorithm
Abbreviations creation, for easier ".txt" files processing.
Solve equations systems with complex numbers (a+bi)
Answering with a number of decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal places predefined by the user
Open user guide, download latest installer and portable version
Handle your pc: shutdown, restart, hibernate, log off, sleep and lock
All mathematical functions supports complex numbers
Deduction of multiplications
Ask by command to run one more time the application
Ask by commands to restart app, reset settings of app and reset all files related with app
Ask by commands to open history file, app folder and source code folder
Txt detector, providing a quick way to process ".txt" files with expressions inside of them. Handling commands: "to solve" and "enable txt detector".
Scripting: provide quick means to perform user calculations repeatedly easily
User functions: let the users have their own functions and put them in the expressions
Strings: let user save text as string for later use in the scripting feature
Solve quadratic equations. a, b and c can be complex numbers.
Automatic solve txt. Using flag "SOLVE_NOW" in the last line of txt file edited for ATC.
Run atc from cmd. You can use this app from the Windows command-line. Run atc over cmd. You can run atc on cmd as if you are running the atc executable.
Commands: "update x64", "donate", "atc facebook", atc sourceforge", ...
INF and -INF
Verbose Resolution
ATC status referenced on ATC window title
Triangles Rectangles Solver
Arithmetic Matrix Solver
Equation Solver (Polynomials Solver)
Calculation of Determinants
Hot Key "Ctrl+Alt+K" to launch ATC
Roots to Polynomial
If command
Scripting - compose commands
Easy creation of Strings, e.g. hello="Hello!"
Big clock and Big timer
atcProg - set of all features created for scripting over ATC
Financial calculations - 97 formulas implemented
Graph feature to display singular or multiple functions with table view
Calculation of Definite Integrals
Statistics Calculations
Geometry Calculations
Physics Calculations
Unit Conversions
Scripting: return, break, cls, switch case, if and else, while and for, print, get and sprint
Microeconomics Calculations
Simplify Polynomials using arithmetic operators and using parentheses processing
Function Study. Command example: "function study((1-x^2)/(x^2-4))"
Reduction to the same denominator for polynomials

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File size:
2.80 MB

Last update:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

Last version:
Last versions of Advanced Trigonometry Calculator
Version Change log
Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.1.1 Feb 21, 2021 New feature:
- Autocomplete: helping entering data, giving suggestions. e.g write something, press TAB and next Enter and should be displayed something to help you.
- New optional parameters for graph feature, e.g. graph(radsin(x);02pi.0523599)
- Fixed scripts feature.
- Less access to disk memory and more to RAM: ATC is now faster than before, i.e. less read and write to disk memory and used ram memory instead.
- Equation Solver: created an ordering algorithm to sort roots of polynomials, e.g. especially for polynomial with roots of type complex number.
Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.0.8 Feb 10, 2020 Local and Global variables: for ".txt" files processing and for scripting files is
Created a dedicated folder to save the variables of type string and numerical.
Two new commands: e.g. "ascending order(6_212_24)" and "descending
Order(6_212_24)" equal to "-24, -2, 6, 12" and to "12, 6, -2, -24".
Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.0.7 Dec 13, 2019 New features
ATC Commander --> A Really Great New Feature!
Input commands at one click!
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