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AntispamSniper for The Bat! download

AntispamSniper for The Bat!

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Developer's description:

The statistical trainable classification algorithm has unique characteristics. It analyzes your private correspondence, singles out distinguishing features from messages of different classes and uses this information for the effective analysis of incoming messages. It is possible to track back the history of classifying messages and training the plug-in using a filtering log. The plug-in can delete spam right on the server by headers, using a list of account settings. The accounts for filtering can be added manually or automatically for non-secure connections. The rest of messages are downloaded to email client for filtering by full content, and the messages with high spam ratio are moved to a special folder automatically. The plug-in supports several complementary methods in addition to statistical algorithm: black and white lists of email addresses, anti-phishing filter, blocking spam by IP address of the sender (using DNSBL services), black and white Regexp-based rules. Several methods are used for filtering graphical spam: - Blocking spam with inline images, linked to third-party web sites. - Blocking the messages with animated GIF pictures in attachment. - Blocking the messages by the type of attachment. - The statistical classifier is optimized for blocking spam with a picture and some amount of unlinked text. The plug-in is checking the domains from message text via list of selected URIBL services. The messages having blacklisted domains in text are classified as spam. The plug-in is integrated with SpamNet spam-fighting community. SniperSync is a TCP server, allowing AntispamSniper plug-ins to use the common whitelist of email addresses and common database of message descriptors. The different copies of plug-in in local network can use this common database via two-way synchronization with the SniperSync server.

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AntispamSniper for The Bat!Anti-Spam & Anti-Spy ToolsWindows 7/8/10/11

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Windows 7/8/10/11

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AntispamSniper for The Bat! Mar 26, 2022
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AntispamSniper for The Bat! Nov 30, 2019
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