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Version: 5.97 Rev 1141 | Size: 14.40 MB | Filename: appgini_freeware.zip
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Developer's description:

AppGini is a program that helps you develop web database applications instantly. You do not need to have any programming background to use it. Just define your database, set some options, click the Generate button, and you're done! Since AppGini was released on 2002, we've continually worked on developing it by adding features, enhancements and fixes. And because these improvements are all based on the valuable feedback of thousands of users, AppGini has become an outstanding data management product essential for any web developer.

AppGini greatly saves your time by taking care of the routine data management code. This allows you to concentrate on your business logic, and to reduce project finish time. AppGini generates code that has been used by thousands of users since 2002. Along the years, we've refined the code, fixed reported bugs, and enhanced reliability. You don't need to spend days and weeks testing and debugging code. We've already done this on your behalf!

AppGini generates thousands of lines of code, providing a rich set of data management features. If you hired a programmer to write the same code for you, it would cost you days or even weeks of development fees. AppGini saves you all such costs, and you can use it over and over again in your future projects.

AppGini generates secure code. You don't need to worry whether your code is vulnerable to SQL injection, XSS, brute force attacks, ... etc. We've done the hard work for you.


· Automatic generation of PHP code to manage data of MySQL databases.
· The very intuitive graphical interface of AppGini allows you to create powerful web database applications in a very short time without having to write one line of code.
· Support for foreign key constraints and the automatic creation of parent menus.
· Automatic creation of setup scripts to create the database and its tables.
· Automatic generation of code to display and browse data content of tables, with the ability to edit, delete and add records.
· The generated code allows users to sort data by any field ascendingly or descendingly.
· The generated code allows users to filter data by any field with multiple criteria and support for wild card searches (% and _).
· The appearance of the generated application can be customized through CSS styles.
· You have control over what users can do with each table by allowing or prohibiting data editing, deletion and/or addition.
· No time limits or any functionality constraints exist in the freeware version. You can use it to create hundreds of powerful full featured web database applications.
· Support for unlimited number of tables per application and fields per table (Only limited by MySQL limitations).
· Ability to save projects to files and load them later.
· AppGini Professional comes with sample projects featuring database applications that you can use in real cases.
· Ability to save project styles to separate files so that you can apply your custom styles to projects without having to rekey them.
· Ability to create a menu that lists allowable data values in a field, so that users of your application can only select values from the list.
· For text fields with large sizes, text areas are automatically used instead of text boxes to allow multiple lines of text.
· The generated code allows users to filter data by any field with up to ten criteria and support for wild card searches (% and _).
· Priority customer support.

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14.40 MB

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

Last version:
Last versions of AppGini
Version Change log
AppGini 5.97 Rev 114 Jun 13, 2021 Fix SameSite value of remember_me cookie for future compatibility with browsers.
Re-order admin utilities menu for better organization.
Add pageQueryLogs.php to view log of slow and error queries for debugging (Admin area > Utilties menu > Query logs)
Add 'nothing' table icon (useful when you want no icons for a table)
Refactor tablename_view to delegate code for applying membership permissions to DataList.
Add DataList::applyPermissionsToQuery() and DataList::fieldIsDateTime().
Refactor various parts of DataList.
Fix filtering query error for non-admin users that don't have full view permissions.
Add logSlowQuery() and logErrorQuery() functions to help diagnose problematic queries executed by sql().
Refactor sql() function by separating dieErrorPage() and openDBConnection().
Add new options to the $o array passed to sql() to suppress logging if set to true: 'noSlowQueryLog' and 'noErrorQueryLog'.
AppGini 5.96 Rev 113 May 17, 2021 UX fix: don't automatically sign out a user when they access a table they have no access to.
Show 'table access denied' error if user is accessing a DV record they don't have access to, rather than a blank page.
Fix issue with empty lookup values for lookup fields of short char/varchar datatype.
CSS rule to hide empty email links.
Show "Don't rename uploaded files" and "Delete files from server when removed from record" options in image options window.
CheckMemberID.php: change the way availability is reported to prevent minifying services that strip comments from ruining the result.
Render read-only (rather than editable) check-boxes in DVP.
Enable auto-increasing rich editor height for long content.
Add more randomness to generated file names by randomly seeding microtime() to hinder brute force filename guesses.
Sanitize filterer_* against reflected XSS in 'Add new' form.
Misc syntax fixes.
AppGini 5.95 Rev 113 Mar 29, 2021 UI/UX enhancements:
Remove empty images from DVP
Align sum cells the same as their corresponding data cells.
Fix tooltip appearance in admin/pageRebuildFields
Fix and improve UX for inserting joins in query helper window
Better handling of DV loader (no compile time vars, show only if there is a non-native focus field, don't show in TVDV unless a record is selected, hide once focus field is ready instead of waiting unnecessarily for > 1 sec.)
Focus form field in TVDV if a record is selected.
don't focus DV on load if in same page as TV.
Improve appearance of file overwrite window.
Show insert button for lookups in embedded mode.
Fix nicEdit (rich HTML area) height
Bug fixes:
Ignore not null for auto_increment fields when comparing in admin/pageRebuildFields.php
Correctly escape default values containing slashes.
Fix PHP8 error on filtering lookup fields.
Fix issue with autofocusing radio lookup fields.
Fix nl2br issue in textareas.
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5.97 Rev 1141

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