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Version: 4.44 | Size: 0.08 MB | Filename: AutoPowerOptionsOK.zip
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Developer's description:

AutoPowerOptionsOK is a very small portable program that allows you to switch your computer from the desktop directly, or the info area of the taskbar (to-tray), for quick access to the power options, and also auto change or adjust the power plan! Why AutoPowerOptionsOK: On some Windows operating systems, the power options are adjusted, but sometimes not complied with, especially under Windows 10 by the many background apps, without that you can do something as a user on your own PC, with a size of less than 100 KB , that is the Right Tool for this Job to reduce Your Energy Consumption. All PC experts recommends using the 'power down' or ' sleep' mode to save energy when the computer is not in use to protect the hardware, under all Microsoft Windows an other operating systems! Key features of the automatic energy plan adjustment! Activate at keyboard and / or mouse events with adjustable timer: - Customizable Auto turn off timer for the monitor! - Customizable auto sleep timer for the computer! - Auto switching to another energy plan! Other specifications: - Very small - Low CPU and Memory Usage - Fast access via To-Tray - Visually impaired friendly (zoom feature) - Multilingual - Portable - etc. ...

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Win2000, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, WinOther, WinServer, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP, Windows 8

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Last versions of AutoPowerOptionsOK
Version Change log
AutoPowerOptionsOK 4.44 Oct 12, 2021 New: For Windows 11 display of the battery status as a tool tip in the taskbar
Small fine-tuning for Windows 11
Update of the language files
AutoPowerOptionsOK 4.33 Jul 4, 2021 Bug fix under Windows 11: in the automatic performance adjustment
Verification of the energy efficiency improvement tool on MS Windows 11 OS
Small adjustments for Windows 11
Update of the language files
AutoPowerOptionsOK 4.21 Jun 13, 2021 Update of the language files
Important tests for new Microsoft Windows 10 Update / Build
New language for auto power adjustment: Bosnian
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