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Developer's description:

EMDB is a small utility to keep track of your DVD collection. With an automatic import from the database of IMDB, export to csv, text or complete website, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, search function and multi-language user interface. EMDB is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and doesn't need a .NET framework or any other external libraries. And best of all... it's free!

EMDB is available in several languages: English, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Hungarian Croatian, Swedish, Greek, Catalan, Czech, Norwegian, Japanese, French, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Serbian and Slovenian translations are included in the setup. EMDB is an excellent software solution that helps users to keep track of their movie collections easily and effortlessly. We strongly recommend it as it packs all the necessary features for creating a movie database.

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Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of EMDB
Version Change log
EMDB 3.72 Feb 16, 2021 DataBase: Number of discs was reset to 1 on several batch operations like Renumber the database.
Rotten Tomatoes: Fixed importing of Rating and 'Certified Fresh' in (Batch) Update.
User Interface: Added a Rotten Tomatoes Link button to the Add / Edit Dialog and Movies Details panel.
User Interface: Playing a movie did not update the Seen flag.
Translations: Added some untranslated texts.
Translations: Updated the German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.
EMDB 3.71 Feb 11, 2021 User Interface: When typing multiple characters to find a movie every character advanced the search one position.
User Interface: When typing characters to find a movie a partially visible movie on the first postion of a row was not made fully visible.
HTML Export: Fixed an issue with weird Unicode characters breaking the saving to HTML (ASCII) resulting in not all movies getting listed.
Add from hard disk: Improved detection of moved files.
User Interface: Blurays were not always detected correctly based on resolution when custom text like '1280x720' was entered.
User Interface: Added IMDb Search for adding new Actors.
CSV File Import: Improved the import of cast when actors are separated by '|' or ';'.
User Interface: Added an option to delete Directors, Writers and Composers.
Rotten Tomatoes: Fixed importing of 'Certified Fresh' in (Batch) Update.
User Interface: Fixed cut off date added in movie details panel.
EMDB 3.70 Nov 8, 2020 Add Files from Hard Disk: If a found file exists in the database but with a different path, the file sizes are the same and the existing entry does not exist anymore, the file is now considered to be moved and the path of the existing entry is updated.
Startup Checks: Added check for moved files (see previous for the logic).
Add Files from Hard Disk: You can now simply drag and drop movie files or folders on the Bookshelf to add them to EMDB.
Database Merge: fixed covers / posters from the selected database were not properly transfered to the current database.
User interface: Improved zooming and scrolling of the bookshelf.
Translations: Updated the Dutch translation.
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