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Euler Math Toolbox download

Euler Math Toolbox

Version: 2021-04-30 | Size: 104.00 MB | Filename: EulerSetup-64.exe
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Developer's description:

The Euler Mathematical Toolbox is a software written and maintained by R. Grothmann, associate professor of mathematics at the University of Eichstätt.

Euler can also produce graphics and save the graphics in various formats, among them PNG and SVG. Graphics can also be imported into the text window, exported to files or to the clipboard. More on this in the reference for the user interface.

The Maxima subsystem communicates with Euler through pipes. It remains a separated system. However, there are various interactions between Euler and Maxima. Using symbolic expressions, Maxima works completely transparent inside Euler. This is a mighty environment to investigate mathematics.

Powerful, versatile, mature software for numerical and for symbolic computations including an infinite arithmetic,
Used in many schools and universities for teaching and research.
Similar to MATLAB, but has an own style, and a different syntax.
Supports symbolic mathematics using the open algebra system Maxima.
For Windows, or under Linux in Wine.
Free and open source.


Euler Language:
· interactive program with a syntax similar to Matlab,
· numerical mathematics with real numbers and complex numbers,
· interval arithmetic,
· vectors and matrices of real, complex, or interval numbers,
· flexible and rich matrix language,
· intelligent operator expansion for matrices and vectors,
· matrix product, powers, inverse etc.,
· support for large, sparse matrices,
· strings and vectors of strings,
· functions for string manipulation,
· evaluation of expressions stored in strings,
· exact scalar product and residuum calculation,
· exact solutions of linear systems,
· data type for sparse matrices,

Programming Language:
· programming language in the style of Basic,
· multiple function results,
· one line functions for simple functions,
· access to global variables in functions on demand,
· parameters by value or reference,
· default values for parameters,
· extra parameters,
· external files with Euler commands and function definitions.

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File size:
104.00 MB

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Euler Math Toolbox
Version Change log
Euler Math Toolbox 2021-04-30 Apr 30, 2021 EMT can now produce Markdown output to "*.md" files. The output is similar to the HTML export, but the output is easier to read and modify.
You can open Markdown files with various editors, free and payware. Moreover, there are plugins in Chrome and Edge if you allow accessing URLs. It is possible to compile the files to HTML with command line tools. Note, that Latex formulas are exported directly, and ususally interpreted using MathJax in the Markdown display.
Currently, it is not possible to use Markdown language in comments. The reason for this is that EMT is line oriented and cannot change fonts within a line. So, it does not make sense to implement the Markdown language fully. The comment syntax is not difficult to learn anyway.
A lot of work and changes in the documentation.
Euler Math Toolbox 2021-02-17 Feb 17, 2021 Again a lot of work on the tutorials, the examples, and the help texts.
Euler Math Toolbox 2020-05-06 May 7, 2020 Fixed the function drop(v,i) which now works only for row vectors v and i. The index vector can contain negative indices. Note that the index vector will be sorted by this function.
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