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TouchPro x64 screenshot

TouchPro x64

... must-have tool for anyone who needs to modify file properties effortlessly. It allows users to change the time and date stamps of files directly from Windows Explorer, making it a convenient and time-saving tool. The ... even for beginners. It integrates seamlessly into the Windows Explorer context menu, providing quick access to its ...

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File Joiner 2.02.5 screenshot

File Joiner

Top Download Club is proud to introduce File Joiner, a powerful software created by File Joiner. This cutting-edge tool simplifies the tedious task of merging files into one cohesive unit. With a user-friendly interface ... no limit to the number or size of files that can be combined, File Joiner is a ...

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File Defragger 2.1 screenshot

File Defragger

... to introduce you to a one-of-a-kind software - File Defragger, developed by Cobra Apps. Have you ever ... slow computer with applications taking forever to open? File Defragger is here to solve that problem for you. This powerful software defragments your computer's files, ensuring they're stored in an optimal manner. With ...

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File migration SharePoint 2.0 screenshot

File migration SharePoint

... an efficient and reliable solution to migrate your files to SharePoint? Look no further than File Migration SharePoint, the cutting-edge software developed by industry leader File Migration SharePoint. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, ... makes it easy to manage and transfer your files with ease. Whether you're migrating data from another ...

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File Optimizer 16.60.2819 screenshot

File Optimizer

... for a powerful, easy to use and reliable file optimizer, look no further than Javier Gutierrez Chamorro's File Optimizer. File Optimizer is a versatile tool that can optimize various types of files, including images, music, videos and more. With its advanced algorithms, the software can reduce file size without affecting quality, making it ideal for ...

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File Splitter PRO 3.0 screenshot

File Splitter PRO

... designed to simplify the process of splitting large files into smaller, more manageable fragments. Whether it's for sending files over email or transferring data to another device, “File Splitter PRO” ensures that your files are split accurately and efficiently. The software is ...

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File Version 1.03 screenshot

File Version

... an essential tool for anyone who works with files and needs to track their versioning - File Version by Greatis Software. This powerful program allows ... view and compare the version information of any file on your computer. With File Version, you can ...

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File & Image Uploader 7.7.9 screenshot

File & Image Uploader

... latest software reviews, and we're thrilled to add File & Image Uploader by z_o_o_m to our ranks. ... software allows users to easily upload and share files and images with just a few clicks. With support for over 100 popular file hosting services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and ...

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File Unlocker 5.15 screenshot

File Unlocker

Top Download Club is proud to present File Unlocker by 4dots Software. Have you ever encountered the annoying error message that a file cannot be deleted or moved because it is being used by another program? File Unlocker is the solution to this frustrating problem. ...

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File Encryption XP 1.7.395 screenshot

File Encryption XP

... excited to offer a top-notch software review for File Encryption XP. Developed by CP Lab, this file encryption software is perfect for anyone looking to ... their sensitive data. With its robust encryption algorithms, File Encryption XP ensures that all of your files ...

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