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File & Image Uploader 7.7.9 screenshot

File & Image Uploader

File & Image Uploader is the most comprehensive and ... program of its kind. It lets you upload files to many popular file hosters and store your files in your accounts. Program returns download link and file removal link if it is supported. You can ...

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File Joiner 2.02.5 screenshot

File Joiner

File Joiner is a tool that combines (binds) unlimited files (no matter their type) into a single standalone executable (a Container file). The Container (the final bound file) is a compiled program that, when opened, will automatically launch the included files. The joined files can be fully encrypted. The ...

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File Optimizer 16.20.2771 screenshot

File Optimizer

FileOptimizer is an advanced file optimizer featuring a lossless (no quality loss) file size reduction that supports: .3G2, .3GG, .3GP, .7Z, ... .ZX06, .ZX07, .ZX08, .ZX09, .ZX10, STICKYNOTES.SNT, and THUMBS.DB file formats among many others. FileOptimizer compresses already compressed files further without changing the ...

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File Defragger 2.1 screenshot

File Defragger

Cobra Apps File Defrag is a useful utility that performs file based defragmentation. Most defragmentation tools work on an entire disk or individual drives. File Defrag is different as it allows you, using ... Explorer style screen, to see defragmentation of every file and folder on each of your disks. Each ...

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File Rescue Tool screenshot

File Rescue Tool

Have you unintentionally deleted/missing your most important files/folders on Windows machine? Worry is gone, we have greatest solution for you, i.e., File Rescue Tool which can restore missing/deleted file or folder from hard disk drive (HDD) like ... pen drives. Simple and quick recovery of lost/missing file from recycle bin, unintentionally deleted and lost by ...

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File Shredder 2.5 screenshot

File Shredder

File Shredder is free, secure and fast application to permanently shred and delete files and folders on your computer. Shredded files can not be brought back by using specialized software, tricks or hacks - File Shredder destroyes them beyond recovery. File Shredder is ...

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File migration SharePoint 2.0 screenshot

File migration SharePoint

SharePoint 2010 file migration is the widely used Cloud services to ... well as flexibility of storage spaces. To start file migration SharePoint tool i.e. PCVITA Express Migrator for ... to accomplish the entire migration of all application file system, database files or programming related files as ...

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File Recovery screenshot

File Recovery

www.filesrecovery.net offers FAT and NTFS File Recovery software to get back missing photos video ... folder documents videos in minimal time. Expert DDR file recovery program rescue valuable video audio films lost ... solution is reliable tool to access hardware/software malfunction files from PC in simple step. Proficient memory card ...

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File Privacy 0.2 screenshot

File Privacy

File Privacy has following features: - File decryption/encryption - File compare for cryptography - Create random key hex string and save as file - Hex string based decryption/encryption Usage is very ...

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File Master 1.2 screenshot

File Master

File manager and ftp client. Main features: - ftp client - Copying, moving, renaming and deleting files and folders. - batch renaming files, folders - splitting and combining files - Keyboard functions. - Extra Tool Bar (to run Windows tools). - Command line support. ...

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