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Folder Backup for Outlook 1.11 screenshot

Folder Backup for Outlook

... tool to back up a single Microsoft Outlook folder whenever needed. Create an instant Outlook folder backup or restore the selected Outlook folder data straight from the Microsoft Outlook toolbar. Restore Outlook folder to the exact state of any previous backups. ...

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Carbon Folder 1.2 screenshot

Carbon Folder

... small and extremely simple in use utility for synchronization of files in local folders and folders in local network. For instance, it lets you perform fast synchronization of files on your desktop PC and a ...

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FTP Synchronization Software 7.0 screenshot

FTP Synchronization Software

... to update files automatically by synchronizing a local folder with an FTP server. The user enters the ... before continuing to choose the local and FTP folders. The application will then compare the two folders and the user can check/uncheck files in the ...

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IDEM File Synchronization 2.2i screenshot

IDEM File Synchronization

... backup documents or distribute data automatically, mirroring important folders from a Windows NT/W2K/XP server toward another, checking a list of source folders at regular time intervals and updating target folders with new or modified files including sub-directories. Backup ... PDF or other files and maintain automatically selected folders copies, entire trees copies to a second local ...

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Johnshope FTP & Folder Sync 1.4 screenshot

Johnshope FTP & Folder Sync

Johnshope FTP & Folder Sync is a handy and reliable command line tool designed to sync FTP and local folders. Usage: · sync35 sourceurl desturl [/update | /clone | /add] [logfilename] [/v] (this uses .NET 3.5) · ...

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Araxis Merge for Windows 2020.5480 screenshot

Araxis Merge for Windows

... is the visual file comparison (diff), merging and folder synchronization application from Araxis. Use it to compare and ... RTF files. Compare images and binary files. Synchronize folders. Perform code reviews and audits. Work with folder hierarchies containing thousands of files. Merge integrates with ...

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Synchromagic Pro screenshot

Synchromagic Pro

This indispensable utility performs foolproof synchronization of files and directories, either one-way or bi-directionally, ... also very usefully for maintaining backups of data folders from one drive to another. Synchronization can be one-way or bi-directional, and can be ... utility to compare directories to determine file byte synchronization and directory comparison, and show at a glance ...

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BestSync Portable 2020 ( screenshot

BestSync Portable

... between PCs by utilizing USB drive. Synchronize a folder with a ZIP file, support AES cryptographic algorithm ... with password. Synchronize Outlook (mail, contact, etc) and Windows Mail between PCs by utilizing USB drive. Backup ... versions. Supports Incremental and full backups. Supports Real-time synchronization to backup files immediately after the files are ...

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Business Intelligence Synchro 12.0.8 screenshot

Business Intelligence Synchro

... latest versions of your files in the specified folders, and copies the modified file to the counterpart folder, i.e. it synchronizes your folders. Unlike other directory synchronization software that just copies file with the most ... system clock accuracy, and also propagates file and folder deletions properly. If your computers are not connected ...

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WinSynchro 5.1 screenshot


WinSynchro : bidirectional synchronization of folders or complete drives, from disk to disk, from ... to this problem: you no longer copy the folders but you synchronize the folders. The free version has no time limitation but the maximum size of the folders you can synchronize with the free version is ...

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