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Gimp Automation Tools is a Windows Toolbar Launcher for Mouse Device and Stylus Pen, We did Make it Special for Gimp Software. This Launcher works on Windows System, How does it works, You can Click with your Middle Mouse Button and then the Launcher Will then Automatic Follow the Mouse Pointer this way you have always all your favorite Toolbar Buttons close to your Work Area. What is so Special About this Toolbar Launcher? You do Not need to use the Menubars from Gimp Software, And with this Launcher you have more Functions on the same Toolbar Button. left mouse function 1, right mouse function 2 Anybody Nows How Hard it is in Gimp to Get have Stroke Lines Around the Selections, Gimp Automation Tools did Solved that, the Users can do that now in only a Single Mouse Click, for example they can click with the Left Mouse Button on the Rectangle Tool to Select and then they can click with the Right Mouse Button on the Same Rectangle Tool and the Stroke Line is Automatic Created, this Works on any kind of selection (Elipse,lasso,freehand,fuzzy,select by color,?) and with the Elipse Tool Button right click you can Grow any Selection and with the Lasso Tool Button right click you can Shrink any selection. You can Also do thinks like this Single Click to Blur/Glow any selections or Invert the Selection, and many more. What can you Create in Gimp Software? In Gimp Software you are able to Create Raster Images, Gifs Animations and you can manipulate any kind of Photos. For who is Gimp Freeware Make for? Graphic Designers Architects Website Designers Creative Designers Conclusion: Gimp Freeware is a Ideal Alternative for users who do not can buy expensive Software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Corel Painter If you Use Gimp Automation Tools Software together with Gimp Freeware you have then More Options and you can Get the Job Done in +-50% Less of the Time (Gimp Automation Tools Software) + (Gimp Freeware) = (Gimp Gold)

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