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Latest Investment Tools downloads

Track Your Trades 2023.1 screenshot

Track Your Trades

"Revolutionize your trading game with Track Your Trades - the ultimate portfolio tracking software."

Track Your Trades 2023.1 DownloadTrack Your Trades like
Nature Simulations 8.24 screenshot

Nature Simulations

"Explore Nature Simulations - a riveting blend of realism and innovation!"

Nature Simulations 8.24 DownloadNature Simulations like
Wind Turbine 8.24 screenshot

Wind Turbine

"Experience effortless energy production with the revolutionary Wind Turbine."

Wind Turbine 8.24 DownloadWind Turbine like
Stockalyze 2024.2.8.84 screenshot


"Revolutionize your stock analysis with Stockalyze - the ultimate tool for investors."

Stockalyze 2024.2.8.84 DownloadStockalyze like
EvoAI 1.0.36 screenshot


Discover powerful forex trading with cutting-edge AI technology.

EvoAI 1.0.36 DownloadEvoAI like
HFT Arbitrage Platform 1.0 screenshot

HFT Arbitrage Platform

"Revolutionize trading with lightning-fast HFT software."

HFT Arbitrage Platform 1.0 DownloadHFT Arbitrage Platform like
Ethereum Tool 1.1 screenshot

Ethereum Tool

"The ultimate Ethereum solution for smart contracts"

Ethereum Tool 1.1 DownloadEthereum Tool like
Forex Strategy Builder Professional screenshot

Forex Strategy Builder Professional

Forex Strategy Builder Pro: Top-rated forex software. Effortlessly build, test and analyze trading strategies.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional DownloadForex Strategy Builder Professional like
DAXA-Chart Privat 15.0 screenshot

DAXA-Chart Privat

Discover DAXA-Chart Privat - a powerful software for top-notch financial analysis.

DAXA-Chart Privat 15.0 DownloadDAXA-Chart Privat like
vfxAlert 5.0.11 screenshot


"Revolutionize your trading with vfxAlert - the ultimate software tool."

vfxAlert 5.0.11 DownloadvfxAlert like
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