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Leawo PhotoIns

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Developer's description:

Leawo PhotoIns is designed as an all-featured photo editor which consists of 2 main modules, including Photo Enhancer and Photo Scissors. Photo Enhancer is a professional and AI-powered photo enhancer to improve your photo quality in batch. It can automatically and intelligently analyzes and perfects your photos with AI technology, including face enhancement, color enhancement, lens correction and more. Leawo Photo Scissors is a professional and one-stop photo background remover to automatically remove background from image. It can intelligently analyze the clipping edges, precisely enclose the region to cut out elements, and magically remove photo background. Besides, it also supports manual adjustment to remove photo background more precisely. As a comprehensive AI photo editor program, what can Leawo PhotoIns do for you: 1. Enhance portrait photos easily with advanced AI photo enhancer. 2. Fix photo exposure issues automatically. 3. Automatically identifies the sky and improves it with vivid colors. 4. Optimize photo colors and perfect photo tints. 5. Make photos perfectly clear with smart dehaze. 6. Process RAW files with auto lens correction, eye enlargement, etc. 7. Fix your JPG images issues caused by compression. 8.Automatically remove background from image easily with smart algorithm. 9. Manually remove photo background with practical tools. 10. Erase background from image and isolate object to a transparent background. 11.Change photo background to any solid color or photo. 12. Remove background around hair, fur, feather, and more. 13.Erase background from transparent objects.

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Last versions of Leawo PhotoIns
Version Change log
Leawo PhotoIns Jul 21, 2021 1. Add Photo Scissors module to PhotoIns pack,
2. Remove background from image,
3. Change photo background,
4. Make photo background transparent,
5. Erase background from transparent object,
6. Interface optimization and bug fixes
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