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Mocha W32 TN5250

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Mocha W32 TN5250 makes it possible to connect to an IBM host (AS/400) via TCP/IP with the TN5250 protocol and emulate a 5250 Display Station. - Supports all standard 5250 emulation features - Alternate screen size (24x80 or 27x132) - SSL (Secure Socket Layer) - Small and fast. The package is only 231 K - User defined functions keys - German and Danish menu/dialog text option + possible to make your own language version - Support for Euro - Mouse wheel support (page up/down) - Device name support - Hotspots (Fx and Fxx text on the 5250 screen can be used as buttons) - Last Transaction Time Indicator - Hardcopy of screen - Mail support - Proxy login - Keyboard macro support - Possible to configure the toolbar - Many trim parameters - Online Help - Installation/Uninstallation programs - Free upgrades to new versions of the product - Low cost : Single User license 29.85 USD or 299 USD for a Company License.


tn5250, 5250, as/400, as400, terminal

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Mocha W32 TN5250 9.4 Oct 13, 2010 using REAL+/-* on keypad in an autoenter field does not work.
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