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Developer's description:

OrganiZATOR (Zator to intimates) is an application born to manage heterogeneous information based on a distributed file system, which makes it somewhat peculiar characteristics, straddling between a personal organizer, a database somewhat special, and a system to share information and exchange messages in working groups. All this with minimum requirements in terms of resources and extreme ease of use and installation. According to its creators, the ideal user is everyone who need to handle heterogeneous information; preferably if it is a maniac of the order and the organization (at last the product name is in itself a declaration of principles :-) Of course it would be extremely useful to anyone who, by necessity or vocation, need to deal with large amounts of data.

It may be appropriate for an individual user on a very lightly machine; for an environment chief-secretary; for a small business or office with a dozen computers on an intranet (LAN), or any other small or medium working groups, organized around a server or a peer-to-peer network of individual computers. Its storage capacity depends on the hardware used. If necessary without problem can handle an unlimited number of databases, each with tens of gigabytes of capacity and tens of millions of records.

Its database, extremely versatile, allows you to keep classified information regardless of its nature, it is equally valid to contain the medical history of your patients, including X-rays and analysis; your photo album or music; registration of books in your library; your agenda of contacts and addresses; your personal diary, or even your accounting. Its planner contains the tools necessary to establish control over the daily activities, including the reminder of those events or activities that must be completed each day. Eventually if yours activity takes place in a group (including your own family), its messaging system allows you to exchange messages and alerts with members of the group without the inconvenience and hassle of maintain a mail server (in the electronic age has no reason to leave messages at the door of the refrigerator).

Its operation is very simple and intuitive, so you can start using it immediately. Although possibly take a few days to discover its full potential, it is certain that in a very short time, will become your favourite tool, and like many other users think, How the hell I could spend so much time without this tool?

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What do you think about OrganiZATOR?
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OrganiZATORPIMS & CalendarsWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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2.40 MB

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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OrganiZATOR 7.2.2 Mar 22, 2013 · Now, in each dBase used, Zator includes memory of de most recent concepts used in the account entries, which are conserved among different sessions of the application..
· Ditto for the historic of movements, so the last items visited in each dBase connected, are now remembered between sessions.
· We have included four new buttons that maximize the Frame Holder's window; email content's window; the Note/Memo field, and the main Loger. So that with one click, you can get a more extensive view of those contents without needing drag the edges of those windows.
· We have included a new button -complementary of the former-, which can restore the original layout and size of the windows of dataBase, in the event that has been modified by the action of any of the buttons outlined in the previous section, or by dragging their edges.
· During the editing process of the Note/Memo fields, has been added in the formatting panel, the option to insert bullets numbered.
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