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pointer for Windows downloads

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Portable Presentation Pointer 1.5.2 screenshot

Portable Presentation Pointer

Presentation Pointer is a presentation and demonstration tool helps you ... of the things you are demonstrating. Presentation Pointer offers a series of eye-catching cursors. The Highlight mouse movements option surrounds the mouse pointer with a geometric shape (Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle or ...

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ZIP Pointer 2.01 screenshot

ZIP Pointer

Lookup USA and Canada towns by ZIP, postal code or name and show them on a North American map. This helps you to check customer information, verify postal addresses, and reduce credit card fraud. Using the program is simple. Just enter ...

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Colorblind Assistant 1.68 screenshot

Colorblind Assistant

... to provide information about colors from the mouse pointer. It also provides you with other useful data ... you get information about colors from the mouse pointer, and can be configured by rookies and professionals alike. ...

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PointerStick 5.15 screenshot


PointerStick is a portable tool that presents on the Windows Desktop a virtual pointer stick, for example for Presentations to highlight the ... will be better. The use of the virtual pointer stick is ideal for projectors (Beamer) and larger ... # Low CPU usage # Adjustable size of Pointer Stick # Several Pointing-Stick textures (bitmaps) # Optional ...

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SpotOnTheMouse 2.6.0 screenshot


A mouse pointer action visualization software. Basic features: - It makes ... - It improves the perceptibility of the mouse pointer. - It makes key strokes visible. Purpose: Useful for everyone who presents or teaches software to other people. For example: ...

SpotOnTheMouse 2.6.0 DownloadSpotOnTheMouse like
Mouse Jiggler 1.3 screenshot

Mouse Jiggler

... sole function is to "fake" mouse input to Windows, and jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth. Useful for avoiding screensavers or other things triggered by idle ...

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Mouse Satellite screenshot

Mouse Satellite

Clocks, Keyboard layout and CapsLock indicator near mouse pointer. Supports different settings for different keyboard layouts. For every keyboard layouts you can choose: - font (type, color, size, background color) - behavor of Flying Indicator, when switching between layouts When ...

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Enable Viacam 2.1.0 screenshot

Enable Viacam

... necessary. Once installed run evicam (evicam.exe for Windows). The application should open, automatically detect your camera ... reach all the screen area with the mouse pointer. For clicking simply stop the pointer over the desired position. In few moments a ...

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MouseFIGHTER 9.0 screenshot


... software that gives you control of the screen pointer, using the keyboard instead of a mouse. Try controlling Windows with the keyboard alone ! Its so much ... correct for the human body. Watch how the pointer accelerates and moves diagonally as well. MouseFIGHTER is ...

MouseFIGHTER 9.0 DownloadMouseFIGHTER like
Camera Mouse 2018 1.1 screenshot

Camera Mouse

... program that allows you to control the mouse pointer on a Windows computer just by moving your head. Clicking can be done by making the mouse pointer dwell over a spot on the screen. The ... Mouse works as a mouse replacement system for Windows computers so it should work with just about ...

Camera Mouse 2018 1.1 DownloadCamera Mouse like
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