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RapidComposer LE

Version: 4.1.2 | Size: 58.50 MB
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Developer's description:

RapidComposer LE allows you to work with comprehensive chord palettes and assign chord progressions to your lines or verses. The application can display them as a list or by scale degrees and you are free to choose the ones that fit the best into your creation. RapidComposer LE comes with built-in phrase and rhythm generators, including probabilistic rhythm, simple intervals and Schillinger's interference. That way, you have total control over your creation and you can include only the highest quality sounds.

You can record MIDI Control Change events and customize them using the Exponential, Line, Curve and Freehand utilities, or create entirely new ones from scratch. RapidComposer LE offers a wide array of presets to choose from, including MIDI, VSTi and SF2. You can find them along with more information about their function in the instrument browser and you can assign custom tags to each one.

The chord palette can display all the notes and chords for maximum 3 scales. When a scale is selected, all the notes and chords are highlighted that belong to that scale. For note selection, the chords containing that note are highlighted. For chord selection, appropiate scales and notes are highlighted. Multiple selection works in all three cases, the common elements are highlighted. All processing is done preserving the original phrases or notes that you recorded. Processing is applied realtime so the original phrases are never changed. This unique approach will make experimenting easier without being afraid of loosing your original recording. There is no limit on the number of variations or controllers that you can add to a track or phrase. Variations are applied one after the other so the order is important.

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58.50 MB

Last update:

Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of RapidComposer LE
Version Change log
RapidComposer LE 4.1.2 Mar 4, 2021 New size entry for phrase generators in the phrase inspector
Improved length display for phrases and rhythm patterns in the phrase inspector
Fixed badly working "Preview Rhythm" button in the phrase inspector
Fixed: preview in chord selector was always turned on
Fixed: 'lock' should never be enabled for percussion phrases
Fixed: in a percussion track the 'lock' button should not be displayed
RapidComposer LE 4.1.1 Feb 22, 2021 Fixed: adding notes to a transposed phrase added the wrong notes in Note Editing mode
Fixed: composition loaded in Note Editing mode sometimes did not display notes
Fixes for adding notes/phrases in the composite track
Fixed crash when 'unghosting' a phrase during playback
Fixed phrase preview in inspector when preview with other tracks
Fixed importing MIDI files with multiple 'note off' events for a 'note on' event
[macOS] Fixed hanging when using the AU plug-in in Logic Pro X 10.6
RapidComposer LE 4.1 Feb 8, 2021 Chords track added to Melody Editor
'Tonnetz' added to Chord Selector and master track chord options
'Parallels' tab added in the Chord Selector that lists all modes and chords
Chord rules and chord progressions are included for Dorian, Lydian, Myxolydian, Phrygian, Aeolian modes, kindly contributed by Tomás San Miguel (not available in the demo version)
MIDI files and folders can be dropped on the progression browser to save the chord progressions from the files
Improved detecting and importing 'chords only' MIDI files
New variation: Rhythm Mapper
New option in Idea Tool track menu: Use Rhythms For 'Rhythm Mapper'
Chords can be on 'beat' boundaries by default which is the denominator of the signature
'Lightning' button added to folder tracks in the Idea Tool which regenerates all tracks in the folder
Improved 'Collect Scales For Selected Chords'
Vector graphics is used for the buttons in the track header
Idea Tool UI layout improved when used with big font sizes
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