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phrase editor for Windows downloads

AdWords Editor 13.5.2 screenshot

AdWords Editor

... you want, then upload your revised campaigns. AdWords Editor is a powerful application designed to make large numbers of changes quickly. AdWords Editor is a software application that enables you to ... mobile bid adjustment, devices, delivery method, exact and phrase matching, and more. It is possible to ...

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The Permutator 1.0.1 screenshot

The Permutator

... to such a broad audience. But the keyword phrases that drive these services are priced based on a high-bidder strategy, and the most popular/common phrases are quickly bid up in price. The secret ... is to develop a comprehensive list of keyword phrases that other advertisers aren't bidding on. The Permutator ...

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TwinkiePaste 3.35 B662 screenshot


Paste commonly used text phrases with hotkeys from menu anywhere. A lot of ... working on various projects, and writing the same phrase over and over again makes them waste a ... keys include diagnostics Simple, lightweight and user friendly phrase editor It works with almost all applications Unicode ...

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Depeche View Pro 1.7.2 screenshot

Depeche View Pro

... possible mouse clicks and key presses. Search a phrase just by clicking on it. Fly over text by dragging the mouse. Copy text and create bookmarks with the same ease. View text within .zip, .tar.gz, .bz2 archives instantly. If you ...

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RapidComposer 4.4.3 screenshot


RapidComposer is a unique, non-destructive, parametric phrase-based music composition software. Please see the detailed feature ... a line, verse, or an arbitrary selection. Phrases always conform to the current chord. If you ... can create copies and ghost copies of a phrase if you want. It has never been easier ...

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TwinkiePaste Portable 3.35 B662 screenshot

TwinkiePaste Portable

Paste commonly used text phrases with hotkeys from menu anywhere. TwinkiePaste saves ... keys include diagnostics Simple, lightweight and user friendly phrase editor It works with almost all applications Unicode support. ...

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Depeche View Lite 1.7.4 screenshot

Depeche View Lite

... the mouse, like on a smartphone. Search a phrase just by clicking on it. Copy text, and ... matter in what file. Depeche View is a Windows tools, but also runs on Linux systems having WINE installed. Depeche View Lite is ...

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Atomic Scribbler 9.0 screenshot

Atomic Scribbler

... and edit chapter by chapter in a modern Windows application that has a similar look and feel ... it. Edit, Polish, Improve Identify word and phrase over-use, monitor adverbs, crutch words & clichés, improve sentence structure & punctuation — all using SmartEdit’s Editor Toolbar. ...

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RapidComposer LE 4.4.3 screenshot

RapidComposer LE

... into your creation. RapidComposer LE comes with built-in phrase and rhythm generators, including probabilistic rhythm, simple intervals ... highlighted. All processing is done preserving the original phrases or notes that you recorded. Processing is applied realtime so the original phrases are never changed. This unique approach will make ...

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SeaMonkey 2.53.13 screenshot


... browser, a mail and newsgroups client, an HTML editor, Web development tools, and an IRC chat client ... to link or to find a word or phrase within a page. Session restore brings back all your open windows and tabs after the rare occasion that SeaMonkey ...

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